Thursday 23 May 2024

OH0/DK1VK - From Alan Island, EU-003 [ACTIVE]

Until May 16
EU-003 - Alan Island
Arnold, DK1VKOH0/DK1VK will be QRV as OH0/call during May 24-26. Operation on 40,20, 17, 15 and 10 meter using SSB.  [TNX DxWorld]

QSL via home call, direct or bureau

Good contact my friend  
Francisco Jackson

Wednesday 22 May 2024

8Q7KR - From Maldives Isalnd, AS-013 [ACTIVE]

May 19 - 31

IOTA AS-013 ´Maldives
 Rolf, DO4RKR will be active as 8Q7KR from the  Maldives (AS-013) on 19-31 May.  He will run 30 watts and operate SSB on 10 metres only.

QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

Good contact my friend  
Francisco Jackson

PR5MAT - Special callsign celebrate - Indicativo Especial comemorativo [ANOUNCED - june 01-30]

June 01 - 30

PR5MAT Special callsign will be active from July 1st to 30th to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the Municipality of Matinhos, state of Paraná [TNX PY5YM]

Bands and modes:
10 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
12 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
15 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
17 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
20 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
30 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
40 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
80 meters phony ssb/cw/digital modes
6 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
2 meters phonia ssb/cw/digital modes
0.70 meters phony ssb/cw/digital modes

Beautiful certificate for download: (available from 7/31/2024)

For those who want paper qsl, 100% direct payment is welcome
Send an amount of US$2.00 (two dollars) or R$10.00 (ten reais)
We do not receive via bureau

SEND TO:    
PR5MAT – Matinhos’ Birthday – 57 years
Rua Herminio Valinas, 165 – Conjunto Mayor Cominese
83215-570 – Paranagua, PR, Brazil

We will also send *E-QSLs from 07/31/2024 on the eqsl.net* platform and via email*.

PR5MAT Indicativo Especial, vai estar ativo de 1º a 30 julho para comemorar o aniversário de 57 anos do Município de Matinhos, estado do Paraná [TNX PY5YM]

Bandas e modos:
10 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais

s fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais
15 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais
17 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais
20 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais
30 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais
40 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais
80 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais
6 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos  digitais
2 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos  digitais
0,70 metros fonia ssb/cw/modos digitais

Lindo certificado para download: (disponivel a partir do dia 31.07.2024)

Para quem quiser qsl de papel será bem-vindo pagamento 100% direto
Enviar valor de US$ 2,00 (dois dólares) ou R$ 10,00 (dez reais)
Não recebemos via bureau

PR5MAT – Aniversário de Matinhos – 57 anos
Rua Herminio Valinas, 165 – Conjunto Prefeito Cominese
83215-570 – Paranagua,PR, Brasil

Também enviaremos disparo de E-QSL´s a partir do dia 31.07.2024 na plataforma eqsl.net* e via e-mail*.


Saturday 18 May 2024

8P9CB from Barbados (NA-021) [ACTIVE]

May -26

NA-021 - Barbados Island
Chris, WA7RAR will be active again as 8P9CB from  Barbados (NA-021) on 15-26 May.  All of his operations  will be  portable  at various locations throughout the island, especially POTA sites.  He will be QRV on 20-10 metres CW and SSB. [TNX 425 NEWS]

QSL via LoTW, or direct to WA7RAR.

Good contact my friend  
Francisco Jackson

ZC4GW - From Dhekelia UK Sovereign Base Areas on Ciprus [ACTIVE]

May 17 - 27

Cyprus SBA
Martin, MW0BRO will be active holiday style as ZC4GW from Dhekelia, UK Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus on 17-27 May.  He will operate CW only on 40-6 metres.  [TNX 425 NEWS]

QSL via MW0BRO; QSOs will be uploaded to Club Log and LoTW. 

Good contact my friend  
Francisco Jackson

Friday 17 May 2024

6E0RM will be active during the 10th edition of the Rally Maya Mexico [ACTIVE]

May 17 - 26

Special event station 6E0RM will be active on 17-26 May  during the 10th edition of the Rally Maya Mexico. Activity is expected to take place  on  40-6 metres  from  Merida  (17-18 May, grids EL50, EL51, EL40), Campeche (19 May, grid EK49),  Uxmal (20-21 May, grid EL50), Valladolid  (22-23 May,  grid EL50),  and  Cancun (24-26 May,  grid EL61). [TNX 425 NEWS]

QSOs will be uploaded to LoTW and Club Log.

Good contact my friend  
Francisco Jackson

Thursday 16 May 2024

JS6RRR, From AS-079 Miyako Island [ACTIVE]

Until  June 26

 IOTA AS-079
AS-079 Miyako Isl Take, JS6RRR (also JI3DST/6, JJ5RBH/6 & JR8YLY/6) is active from Miyakojima AS-079 until June 26. QRV on 160-6m, SSB/CW/FT8 using the various calls mentioned on different modes. Participation in the CQ WPX CW contest as JS6RRR. All QSL info on QRZ.com.
[TNX DxWorld]

Good contact my friend  
Francisco Jackson